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ATLAS RUGS WAS INSPIRED by the founders’ personal search for the perfect Berber rugs. When seeking the ideal floor piece for theirAtlas home, Family design team to search in Atlas mountains for Berber rugs to manage the wholesale orders from our client around the world.

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This kind of Rugs is from the Azilal province are rare and were almost unknown to the market until the late 1990’s. Their wool tends to be finer, producing a lustrous, almost used cloth-like covering. They feature simplistic geometric shapes and patterns with dashes of vibrant colours …

 Beni’Ouarain rugs are surprisingly modern looking, featuring minimalist designs of diamonds, triangles or naive figures in black on a white or cream background. Their abstract simplicity made them attractive to famous modernist architects in the 1920’s and 30’s,, 

Boucherouite rugs are a riot of colours pinks, blues, reds and yellows all jostling for attention in wildly exuberant patterns, sometimes geometric, sometimes totally abstract. If you’re looking for something chunky, funky and fun to brighten up your home… a Boucherouite rug is for you .

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